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Excel formulae examples


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Here shows how you can write any excel formula in a cell with ExcelCom, and return an answer.

[needs version 1_2_3 for new close and exit commands]


;needs version 1_2_3 for new close and exit commands


If Not FileExists($FilePath) Or Not StringInStr($FilePath, "xls") Then

  $FilePath = FileOpenDialog("Go - Choose your excel file as inbuilt one not exists", $FilePath, "Worksheet" & " (" & "*.xls" & ")", 1)












_XLclose($FilePath,0); no changes and close workboot; not  Excel

msgbox (0,"_XLformula=", $Formula1&"="&$var1&@CRLF&$Formula2&"="&@tab&$var2&@CRLF&$Formula3&"="&@tab&$var3&@CRLF&$Formula4&"="&@tab&$var4&@CRLF&$Formula5&"="&@tab&$var5)



Best, Randall Edited by randallc
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