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GUI Control does not accept TAB

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Normally, when we want to move the cursor from one GUI control to another by keyboard, we use TAB.

eg: from InputBox created by GUICtrlCreateInput to another InputBox created by the same function.

Why on my GUI, TAB is not functioning like it should be?

When I press TAB, it doesn't move to another control, instead it play a beep sound.

My GUI contain 1 parent and few child GUI.

Some few child GUI accept TAB to move around control, but most child GUI dont.

Unfortunetely, I cant post the code or create a producer.

Is anybody ever in the same situation? Weird :

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ChildGUI is created  using GUICreate("", 50,50, $iLeftWidth + 2, $iT, $WS_POPUP, -1, $hMainGUI)

Control in ChildGUI which has no problem with TAB STOP has a identical STYLE and EXSTYLE with control is ChildGUI that has a problem with TAB STOP,

verified using:

$Style = _WinAPI_GetWindowLong(GUICtrlGetHandle($hWnd), $GWL_STYLE)
$ExStyle = _WinAPI_GetWindowLong(GUICtrlGetHandle($hWnd), $GWL_EXSTYLE)


So it has nothing to do with STYLE and EXSTYLE.

I found that sometime the TAB STOP works, after I move around on those different ChildGUI and randomly click on those controls.

What can caused this?

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I solved this. I found that if I navigate manually through each child GUI and press TAB few times on that GUI, the TAB is working, so when the script start,

I'm using ControlSend to navigate it

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