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Automate Window App which is running via citrix

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I wish to automate a windows application which is runninig via citrix.
I want to automate using excel-vba & autoit is that possible ? How ?
Using Autoit Window Info tool when i hover on the application controls it does not show it details.
Thanks for reading. 

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Citrix apps are not exposed to the client machine, it's only a picture of the Citrix app that you see. you can't communicate with Citrix apps from the client machine (not legally, anyway) - and there are good reasons for that.

you have 2 options:


1) contact your Citrix admin, and have them set-up the automation for you in whatever way they find useful.

2) visual manipulation:

2.a) if you need simple no-feedback stuff, like click on specific coordinates, that should be fairly easy.

2.B) if you need to get some feedback or check the app status, PixelGetColor() may be handy

2.c) for retrieving text from the Citrix app, search the forum for OCR scripts

P.S. i'm assuming you are NOT the Citrix admin; if you are, then you can put your compiled AutoIt script on the server, and publish it to the users. that script should launch the original app and perform the automation on the server side.

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