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Use IE.au3 to click specific button in element.


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So I am looking to use IE.au3 to click on a specific button in an element.

The only part I am unsure of is how to get the _IEaction click to only click on the button with a value of 1.

here is the HTML code for the button, and one of the button I do not wish to click

<button name="option"  type="submit" value="1">Yes</button>

<button name="option"  type="submit" value="2">No</button>

I do not want it to just search for "yes" as there could be multiple on the same page and that would defeat the purpose of it choosing that specific value.

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Look up to topic _IETagNameGetCollection in the help file and review the example there. You should be able to write similar code where you retrieve all of the buttons and then scan them looking for the desired one with the value='1'.

You may also want to search the forum for _IETagNameGetCollection, which should turn up numerous working examples.

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