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Send command arguments to running script

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Is it possible to send argument to already running script, I'll try to explain as I can, 

I create some CUI script to write something to console and idle if nothing to write, I want when I execute the same script with some argument script will not start the second instance instead the first instance  will take the argument and then write the argument to console

- script.exe (instance 1) running and idle

- then I run the script.exe again with argument

- instead script.exe (instance 2) running, I want script.exe (instance 1) write argument to the console,

is this posibble?


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this has been discussed many times, lately here:

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and here:

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in short: you can do some kind of IPC. for your example, i'd go for quick and dirty, like in the 1st link above.

script is launched:

option 1) with arguments. script writes a file with the arguments and exits.

option 2) without arguments: script runs and remains idle, waiting for a file with arguments. when such file exists, script processes the arguments.


if you prefer a more elegant way, check out the 2nd link above.

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