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Hello guys! First of all i'd like to thank all of you for your extremely helpful posts that walked me through my transition from autohotkey.

Now, I'm posting this because I can't seem to connect to the autoit example server available in the documentation. The socket is ok, but when I tap connect on my phone, EBADF pops up.

The app is ok, I already managed to connect it using an example server client(done in basic4java). I was using that client to pass variables to autoit, but it's illogical to keep a proverbial fifth wheel, considering autoit comes packed with functionalities. I used the same socked as before, allowed it through the firewall and tried to connect to the server. No dice.

Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully accompanied by sarcasm.

Best regards, 


Turns out I'm an idiot but I'm going to post this here for further idiots to read and (hopefully) un-idiot themselves.

Disable windows firewall. It blocks incoming connections. (lool)

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