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Error while trying to compile

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Hey guys  :bye:

My pleasure to join this forum.

I am having a bit of problem compiling my script

So what i am trying to achive is to include a3x file.

The code works without being compiled.Here is the example



#include <functions.a3x>

msgbox(0,"Hello","Hello autoit")


Functions .a3x


func msg()
return msgbox(0,"Bye","Bye autoit")


The code works if executed without being compiled

When i try to compile it , i am receiving an error :

Autoit2exe error

Line 1 ((filepath))

Some hex values


Error:Unable to parse line.


What could cause it ?  :

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Ok so i found the solution.The problem was im using an outdated Aut2exe ( ).Now i can compile it.
The reason i was using such an old version is because the newest one compiles without icons and version info + 200KB larger without UPX option.I thought that was a bug.Also sometimes gives "Not Valid Win32 exe" error.Do you guys know what could cause that ? Or now its by default to be without icon , larger and no version infos

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