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Tab Control and Inconsistent Behavior

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I am using AutoIt to automate some functionality in an external GUI application. I am trying to future-proof the script by using control names and text rather than hard coding indexes for the controls. I have run into some inconsistent behavior regarding the Tab controls and the _GUICtrlTab_xxxx functions.

Let's assume that I have correctly pulled the handle for the Tab Control. 

I am able to use the following functions successfully:

_GUICtrlTab_ClickTab($hTab, 1) ; Switches to the tab at index 1.

_GUICtrlTab_GetItemCount($hTab) ; Successfully returns the number of tabs in the control.

I am unable to use the following functions though:

_GUICtrlTab_FindTab($hTab, "Tab Text") ; Returns -1

_GUICtrlTab_GetItem($hTab, 1) ; Returns array {1, "", 0, ""} - So it is able to determine that the tab with the index of 1 is currently selected however the text is not returned.

Does anybody have any ideas? Do these functions only partially support external winforms gui?

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Are you passing in the actual handle to the conrol, or some other identifier.

Try passing in the return from controlgethandle, and attempt this one as well:


Doing the above, I can get the data I need from my companies application, but not guaranteed for all.

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I am passing the actual handle returned by ControlGetHandle.

Trying _GUICtrlTab_GetItemText($hTab, 1) returns null.

Does this mean that these functions will have limited support for this particular application? Are there any options that I could set that would modify this behavior?


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