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Developing a Dynamic Queue?

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Hello all,

I am working on developing a dynamic queue for an autoit program that I'm working on. Essentially, I am looking to create a program that dynamically inputs user data into an online spreadsheet (e.g. Google Spreadsheet). For example, let's say that User 1 is searching for a math class titled MAC2311. I would like my program to access the online spread sheet, search row 1 to see if someone else is searching for that same course, if no one is searching for that course, the program should add the course title and list User 1 in the row beneath it. If the course already does exist, and there are people in queue for that class, I would like the program to add the user to the end of the column for that course. Once a person is next in the queue (i.e. row two in the spreadsheet for the desired course), then the real program will begin and the user is deleted off the queue and everyone is moved up one spot in that given queue.

Is something like this even remotely possible for Autoit?

Thanks for your help! This problem really does require some creative approaches!


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