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[EDITOR] SublimeText 2 & Bundle = Autoit Code Editor for Mac ;)

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Hi everyone,

as probably many other people here i often work with different machines, different Operating Systems on the same code.

For god knows how long i've wished to use my macbook as a Autoit Coding machine without using any type of Virtual Machine.

Well 2 weeks ago i decided to take a more focused look in about this issue.

After a while (maybe 8 days) of search and trying different stuff i've got a working solution which works for me well enough :).


As the topic spoils the two components I'm not going to waste anymore longer of your time^^.


Im NOT the author of the Plugin. Credits and thanks should go to the developers who made this possible :).

What you need:

        - SublimeText 2 (for mac)  --> http://www. sublime text.com/2

                  - You can use Sublime Text as an unlimited trail so you can test this method without spending money^^.

                          - I personally have bought a fully licensed version. This isn't cheap, i mean you have to spent 70$ for a text

                              editor, but for me its so worth it (also use it for many many other prog. languages^^).

        - The SublimeText Autoit "Plugin" (called bundle) --> https://Github.com/AutoIt/SublimeAutoItScript



        - Install Sublime Text 2

        - Clone the Sublime Text Autoit Plugin via:     "git clone https://github.com/Codehimn/AutoItScript.git"

               - Be sure you have changed your terminal location via "CD /YOUR/LOCATION" so your folders don't get all messed up  :D

        - Open Sublime Text and then navigate to the settings:

                  - 9kpk3zti.png

                     A new Finder window opens, now move/copy the cloned repository of the Plugin into this folder:




                     - Now open an *.au3 File and then choose within Sublime Text the new Plugin:






This Plugin also contains build services for Autoit which of course doesn't work out of the box. At some point i may fork the Plugin and modify it so it is able to build and run autoit code (I'm thinking about forwarding the build and execute process to a wine installation).


so long


Edited by ChristophS

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SublimeText thread from last year is >here. The original author is RobertCollier4, but the package is now under a Github organization (hence being AutoIt/SublimeAutoItScript). 

St is amazing though. I use st3 all the time on windows and linux and it's awesome.


Ups sry^^, through my google searches i haven't found this one :D.

This thread can be deleted then^^.

Btw: Link is down :)


so long


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