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Looping Video

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I wrote a simple application with AutoIt & support of the that forum. But Iam looking for some make up :)

> Is it possible to make an Video Loop in GUI with ANY way? 

For example I have a warning message and I want to put a video near the message, 1-2 seconds long and looping until user sees the message and close it. Btw I can convert that video and sound to any format that it need to be in. I couldnt find any similar question/answer.

For now Iam focusing looping a gif and add sound to it. But thats not a nice solution as you can guess. Its hard to sync them and I need to loop that sound&gif that way (Still working on it tough)

Thanks for any advice!


Edit: I tried GUICtrlCreateAvi but i cant make it work with sound. I hope I wasnt miss something.

Edit2: Looking for something called 'MCI' (Yeah Iam new and totaly lost)

(Sorry to not posting any code. I think its not necessary in that sitution, still can provide if you need)

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