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List cursor postion 7 times


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Hi Guys

I have read previous posts but am struggling to attach a software window to GUIGetCursorInfo.

I am using the example in the help file and trying to adjust it to fit my needs, my software gets used on differnet computers, with different resolutions etc etc. I decide to make a small script that the users could be prompted 7 times, this is my idea

User double clicks the coordinates.exe file, it opens and tells them to move their mouse over the

"Enter new data" button

While their mouse is over the button they must hit Esc (as in the sample script, its a good idea) when they hit Esc it writes a line in an .ini file

IniWrite("info.ini", "Coords", "$i", $pos[0])
IniWrite("info.ini", "Coords", "$i", $pos[1])

The $i var will count up to 7 as there are 7 sets of coordinates I will tell them to move to.

So what I really need is to make an exe that opens telling them to move mouse to "here" hit Esc (write to ini file) set $i to 2 then prompt again, move mouse to "there" hit Esc (write to ini) set $i to 3 and so on up to 7, when they hit Esc on the 7th location the tool can close.

I can't find any examples of using a window for the function as opposed to its own GUI.

Thanks for looking.

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@ Geir1983

Thanks but I don't need a click, just the coordinates, I don't know them beforehand

@ Bill, that's cool, I almost got it working but it continually printed to the ini file and to be honest, I couldn't work out how to stop it.

I have managed to get what I want by changing the help files example, thanks for your efforts though

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