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_XMLDomWrapper.au3 ---> _XMLFileOpen ---> Failure

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Hi I have problem with my code. 

_XMLFileOpen function failures with no error so I am not able to process XML.... (code -1; error 0)

Do anybody know, what is a problem?

code sample:

#include <_XMLDomWrapper.au3>

$XMLFile = @ScriptDir & "\distance.xml"
 If NOT FileExists($XMLFile) then Exit (Msgbox(0,"",$XMLFile & " does not exist"))
ConsoleWrite("Xml file open " & _XMLFileOpen($XMLFile))
ConsoleWrite(@crlf & @Error & @crlf)
ConsoleWrite("Value" & _XMLGetValue("/DistanceMatrixResponse/row/element/distance/value"))
ConsoleWrite(@crlf & @Error & @crlf)
Xml file:
<origin_address>Praha, Česká republika</origin_address>
<destination_address>Hradec Králové, Česká republika</destination_address>
<text>1 hodin, 12 minut</text>
<text>113 km</text>


Xml file open -1


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Thanks All. Code works fine.

Problem was with Xml file.

I saved that file with copy->paste from web browser.

When I saved file directly, It worked fine (save link as).

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