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arrayed For/Next with PixelGetColor

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Is there a way for this to be reduced in a For/Next loop?

  $ok1 = PixelGetColor($pos1[0], $pos1[1])
  $ok2 = PixelGetColor($pos2[0], $pos2[1])
  $ok3 = PixelGetColor($pos3[0], $pos3[1])
  $ok4 = PixelGetColor($pos4[0], $pos4[1])
  $ok5 = PixelGetColor($pos5[0], $pos5[1])

something like my $ok variable turn into an array containing an array (is that possible, btw?) and my $pos variable-array (coordinate) also be something like the same, so that this code can be like only 3 lines;

$r = 5

For $q = 1 to $r Step 1

       $ok{$q} = PixelGetColor($pos{$q}[0], $pos{$q}[1])


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