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Help with run(*.exe)


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I am attempting to use the run() function to open a program I would like to launch. I simply type:


I've tried also doing

run("NameofProgram.exe", "@Programfiles(x86)")


run("NameofProgram.exe", "%Programfiles(x86)%")

I'm not sure what the right syntax is.

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hello amosko, welcome to AutoIt and to the forum!

when you use macro - the @stuff - you do not enclose it in quotes. if you do, then AutoIt considers it literally as a string. the help file example of Run() shows you exactly this.

to get access to environment variables, use EnvGet(), again with quotes where should be, without the % signs.

also you probably need to specify the directory where the program is installed (a sub-folder of the Program Files):

also, you can just put the full path of the exe. again, this is shown in the help file example.


try these options:

Run("NameOfProgram.exe", EnvGet("ProgramFiles(x86)") & "\ProgramSubfolder")

Run(EnvGet("ProgramFiles(x86)") & "\ProgramSubfolder\NameOfProgram.exe")

note that the %ProgramFiles(x86)% environment variable exists only for 64-bit Windows, so this will fail in 32-bit.

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