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Is possible create Virtual WinTitle into Taskbar ?

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My OS is Win7 x64.
I have different programs that run under a windows XP Virtual Machine.
These programs starts under VirtualBox that work into background and it is invisible (don't show desktop and dont' show its taskbar).

My purpose is show WinTitles into Win7 Taskbar of each program that i run in virtual Machine in order to activate that program when i click its Win7 Taskbar winTitle through a special VirtualBox string Command to execute an other script inside vmachine that ativate the program choosed

--> My question is:

Is possible create an empty WinTitle with personal icon not associate to any programs but only
necessary to tests if it is active in order to send to  virtualbox machine
the special command that active internal program that i have click its name in Win7 Taskbar ??

When virtual machine program terminate then close Win7 Wintile.

I hope that it is possible to realize.


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The only way that i found is create window into external screen position:

GUICreate("VirtualProg", 1, 1, -200, -200)

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