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Change Proxy for only specific instance of IE

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I'd like to set proxy for my own Object based IE with proxy support. The only problem is that HttpSetProxy isn't working with objects. Do you know any way to make it? Any similar ideas (like other browser engine) is accepted :) The only thing I don't want is to automate the original browser and adding new tabs, etc. I'd like to make something like my "own" browser.

(I'd like to avoid setting a Global proxy by writing my proxy to: "HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionInternet Settings..." Is it possible?)

Any ideas? I'm still searching, but haven't found anythign related to this :/

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In that topic I didn't know why the proxy isn't working. Now I realised that the objecto aren't supporting that method, so the other topic has no chance to be answered :) Now I'm aking if anyone knows any kind of bypass, like different browser, different method, etc.

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