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_IECreate *anything Variable must be of type "Object".:

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I'm at my wits end. I had a perfectly running script, ran it, stopped it. When I ran it again, bang, error. The one in the title.

Now, whatever I try, even samples from the docs, 

variable must be of type "Object".:

I copy - paste the code from the docs exactly as provided. I included ie.au3. I even redownloaded ie.au3 from the library section.

I closed scite, i restarted everything.

I can't get anything related to _Ie to function.

This is ... baffling. 

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Thank you friend. Already did. Nothing popped. I restarted the Pc and I got it working again. (the syntax checker was popping errors too - and the scripts were copy-pasted 10000000% identical to the docs).

So, for further googlers... try Danp2's solution first, mine second.

(restarting my pc made me cry inside - i felt like a granny using a mobile phone :(  )

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