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Function to intecept key inputs

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Hello all,

I am very new to the entire autoit language but I already managed to get lot of things to work, thanks to this forum.

But now I stand in front of a topic to which I did not found any answers that are sexy too.

So I want to allow the user to change the hotkeys by itself.

That should be possible via a separate form that allows the user to insert a key or key combinations and assign it to a pre defined function.

In general it should feel like the function all the games have.

And here is where I stuck, I don't want to work with _ispressed and list all possible keys in HEX within my code.

Is there any function to detect which key had been pressed, and write in a $var?

Br and thanks


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Edit: I missed that you were new. Hi and welcome to the forum!

Like hotkeys?

You could try these:


>GuiHotKey UDF

or search the forum for others

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Well without opening a same thread as the OP i'm actually searching for the same option however I want it to be functional with the mouse as well.

I have got it working with the guihotkey udf, however with the mousebuttons included i'd be more happy..

I've found an dll to implement this, however adding multiple files is not the way i'd like it to go.


Sorry if i'm hijacking the thread like this, can make a new one if preferred

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