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IRC to AutoIT??

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Hi Everyone!  Great Community!!   :bye:

I have a question and I was wondering if someone can point me in the right direction.  

What I am trying to accomplish is to be able to monitor an IRC channel and when certain keywords are typed in by any channel users I would like to send the output to AutoIT and then AutoIT would then use those keywords to send output to an Active Window.  Is this possible to do?

I was thinking of using HexChat and running a python script to accomplish this, am I correct in thinking this way or am I going about it totally wrong?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance guys!!   :thumbsup:


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Its actually not that difficult, I have made a small IRC Bot in AutoIT.
You need to use the TCP Functions (TCPConnect, TCPSend & TCPRecv)
When connecting to the IRC Server you need to send the following data to the server using TCPSend

NICK <username>
USER <username> <hostname> <servername> :<realname>
You can use JOIN to join a channel
JOIN <#channel>
You can use PRIVMSG to send a message to a channel or to a user.
PRIVMSG <#channel>|<nick> :<message>
When you receive PING from the server you need to reply with PONG to keep the connection alive
Best of luck
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