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Scaring friends..


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Hey guys!

I want to make a program to scare my friends :mad2:

What I need is how to make it so the program relaunch automatically itself after each reboot... and how to make it so it doesn't appear in the ctrl-alt-delete menu?

If you think it's for a virus/spyware, here's the code... it's nothing big and the text is in french, but you can see there is nothing to hack or anything a computer... ;)

#include <Guiconstants.au3>
MsgBox(0, "Haha", "Tu t'es fait avoir par Gaboury, petit enculé.  Maintenant, reformattons ton système! :D", 4)
ProgressOn("Formatting...", "Supprimons ton disque C:/", "0 percent")
For $i = 0 to 100 step 0.5
    ProgressSet( $i, $i & " % de fait")
    If $i = 25 Then
        ProgressSet( $i, $i & " % de fait.", "Ouin ouin ouin...  Ça avance!")
    ElseIf $i = 50 Then
        ProgressSet( $i, $i & " % de fait.", "La moitié de terminée!")
    ElseIf $i = 75 Then
        ProgressSet( $i, $i & " % de fait.", "Les 3 quarts!")
        MsgBox(0, "Bonne Chance!", "Bonne chance pour tout réinstaller...  Il y en avait des programmes!  Wahouuu!", 3)
    ElseIf $i = 99 Then
        ProgressSet( $i, $i & " % de fait.", "Pratiquement fini!")
ProgressSet(100 , "Terminé", "Voilà, tout est terminé.  Je dois redémarrer ton ordi pour que ça prenne effet!")


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I want to make a program to scare my friends ;)

If you want to scare your friends, why don't you download the Bluescreen program from SYSINTERNALS and install it as their screensaver? It's a lot of fun, especially in an enterprise network environment! (and it's completely harmless...)
...by the way, it's pronounced: "JIF"... Bob Berry --- inventor of the GIF format
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yuk, french! :-P. Its easy, compile your script into an exe with autoit's compiler and google something to the effect of spyware starting up or something. I do recall one time trying to remove spyware on my computer, and I found a whole list of how things start up on your computer. As for it not showing up in the Task Manager, I believe running it as a service would do that, but im not exactly sure. Either way, if your friend is smart enough to look in his task manger for an executeable, then your programs not gonna scare him. If your going to lie about making a virus. Lie better.

Ooo Ëxçã¿îbúr ooO"Information Is Not Knowledge." ~Albert Einstein
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I think 3rd party services do show up in the task manager. If they do you could also just rename the exe to something that they would think is default with windows :P!

I remember back in the day I replaced the IE icon on my moms PC desktop with some exe that made the screen go crazy (which also made my mom go crazy ;)!!!)

Good luck with your program :mad2:

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