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Please help with this thread!


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I have had this thread up for quite awhile now and no one seems to be viewing it or somthing ;)

It is a thread in the GUI support section and I figured this section of the forums gets more attention, so please go to this thread and try and help me!!! :P!!


Thanks in advance!!!

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I totally feel ya on the linux thing... attempted it now 8 times. Its dual booted... though i think my linux partition has spider webs... shh... dont tell anyone. :-P

*shrugs* i HATE gui, so i dont know. something like topic, GUI, and what you want to happen, and what exactly isnt. *shrugs*

P.S. I LOVE TUX! Hes also been on my windows background... another SHHHHHH! dont tell anyone. :-P

P.S.S. Sorry I cant help you more.

Ooo Ëxçã¿îbúr ooO"Information Is Not Knowledge." ~Albert Einstein
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