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how to click at a button of FireFox web app?

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Hi, I have the following problem:

I have a web app in FireFox and there is a button I have to click at.

I don't want to do it using the button coordinates - they may change.

Window Info doesn't see this button or any control on this page.

I can find this button, let say xpath using FireBug, but have no clue how to use it in ControlClick command.

Can somebody tell me how I can do it?


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there is a FF udf where you can click elements etc.. i did have some issues with this just simply due to the website i was working with, so if worse comes to worse you can use the ctrl F e.g find and word then use pixelsearch and mouseclick to highlight the word and then click on the highlight :)

or use pixelsearch if its the only type of colour on the screen

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