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automating interaction with web pages

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I'm looking at ways to automate interaction with web pages.

Mainly to reduce the amount of work needed for repetitive tasks e.g.

  go to a website

  click button to add new user

  wait for page to load

  fill in form: enter name, select things from from drop down lists etc

  click submit

Would autoit be a good tool for this job ?

Any links to get me started ?

The other thing I'm looking at is Selenium

Has anyone used autoit and selenium for web browser automation and could sum up

the pros and cons of both approaches?


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Look at GreaseMonkey. It is an addon for Firefox that will do exactly what you need.


Cheers, will do.

So you're saying you wouldn't recommend autoit for web automation ?

I was thinking one benefit of using autoit is that once I've learnt it I can use it for other things as well

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I would recommend AutoIt in some cases. In your case GreaseMonkey is better. It depends on just what you want to do. Think of it as you have a toolbox full of tools. Would you use a pair of pliers to drive a nail? You could but a hammer is better.

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