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[HELP] Just trying to automate an installer

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Hey All, I am just learning autoit and I'm having trouble with the first screen of an installer. I would like it to click the "Next" button. I figured it wouldn't be dissimilar to the WinZip tutorial, but I was wrong. 

I've tried using ControlClick and that didn't seem to work either, possibly because I wasn't using the correct information.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Failing script:

(the var is just the title of the window)

(or {ENTER}, etc, etc)
AutoIt Info tool output:
Class:  Button
Instance: 2
ClassnameNN: Button2
Advanced Mode: [CLASS:Button; INSTANCE:2]
ID: 1
Handle: 0x0000000000330438



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What is the software you're trying to install, and does it support silent install via switches? If you can install silently, it is always preferable to trying to automate the GUI.

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