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Hey All,

Can anyone that uses MySQL in conjunction with autoit recommend a good IDE that I can create a database with for my computer and build all the tables?

Hopefully something that is free that I could upload data to table via CSV.


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if you are 

1. using AutoIt

2. creating a database on your computer

then I would suggest you look at SQLite for your database - it does not require a server (which MySQL does), it is free, takes most MySQL commands (or minor changes to them), and has great support on the forum.

I had been using a portable server so I could run .php and MySQL (two things I programmed with for years on websites and thought I could do as well on a local computer), but after seeing the result of just a few weeks with AutoIt and SQLite (and some great coaching on how to best tweak things for speed), I find it to be a much better way to do database work locally.

however, I will tell you like I was told and have learned to be the case - the link between AutoIt and SQLite is a real bottleneck (i.e.,  S L O W) so if you have a lot of heavy use to hit it (moving much data at a time) you will be better served to think things through on your development to see how you can utilize arrays instead.  In fact, many things where people say they 'need' a database can be taken care of in an array - today's computers have big memory in them and can process that stuff directly in memory much faster than going to disk.

I wound up using arrays for most of my needs, though found some things just are too difficult in arrays or even MUCH slower than going to the database (sorting on multiple columns comes to mind...), so I figured out a mix, saving when I had to and pulling only the minimum amount of bits really required at once, and learned a lot about 'clean' programming practice that I'd never worried about too much on fast servers running php.  

With AutoIt and its various tools, you can create things that look great (something php and html just can't compare with, IMHO), are easy and quick to put together, and run relatively fast (I'm still looking for ways to speed up my program  - the php version runs the same calculations/features in <30 seconds where the AutoIt 'heavily trimmed' version  takes nearly 2 minutes, though by reworking the flow of data, the user experience is not bad - end result, I am doing more in AutoIt everyday)

That kinda sounds more like a testimonial than a recommendation, but hope it helps.

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