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Linking form drop down items to a function

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Hello this is my forst post and although I have written many basic scripts I am trying to write this one that is a bit more advanced.

What I have is a form with a drop down menu.  What I am trying to do is based on the selection I want a certain action to happen.  In this case I am trying to Link "Proxy 1" to a function and when it is selected it makes some registry edits and displays a message to close the browser.  I plan to then expand this with several other options.  Also when the button is selcted and the function has finished I want the box to close.


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Thank you so much for the reply!!! 

I was looking at that but wasn't sure how to put it together!  So makes me feel good I was on the right track.  :thumbsup:

With every Script my knowledge geta stronger and stronger and I owe all the credit to this forum!!! 

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