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Autoit - Firebird sql Combo, Return data as csv instead of XML

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have been far far in some project with another person, and the project is closed to being finished finished.

I am using Autoit in combination with FIREBIRD sql database

I use the firebird.au3 include and .dll





he / we wrote tons of queries and tons more to go


and everything is working properly

but the results from the database comes as XML code such as

<results><metadata><fields><name value="NAME" alias="NAME" type="5" size="80"       scale="0" /><name value="SETCODE" alias="SETCODE" type="5" size="8" scale="0" /><name value="NORMALBUY" alias="NORMALBUY" type="7" size="4" scale="3" /><name value="NORMALSELL" alias="NORMALSELL" type="7" size="4" scale="3" /><name value="FOILBUY" alias="FOILBUY" type="7" size="4" scale="3" /><name value="FOILSELL" alias="FOILSELL" type="7" size="4" scale="3" /><name value="RARITY" alias="RARITY" type="5" size="6" scale="0" /><name value="CARDNO" alias="CARDNO" type="5" size="6" scale="0" /><name value="NORMALMAX" alias="NORMALMAX" type="7" size="4" scale="0" /><name value="NMAXSTOCK" alias="NMAXSTOCK" type="7" size="4" scale="0" /><name value="FOILMAX" alias="FOILMAX" type="7" size="4" scale="0" /><name value="FMAXSTOCK" alias="FMAXSTOCK" type="7" size="4" scale="0" /><name value="NWISHPRIO" alias="NWISHPRIO" type="7" size="4" scale="0" /><name value="FWISHPRIO" alias="FWISHPRIO" type="7" size="4" scale="0" /><name value="NCATID" alias="NCATID" type="7" size="4" scale="0" /><name value="FCATID" alias="FCATID" type="7" size="4" scale="0" /><name value="NCHECKSUM" alias="NCHECKSUM" type="5" size="40" scale="0" /><name value="FCHECKSUM" alias="FCHECKSUM" type="5" size="40" scale="0" /><name value="REMARKS" alias="REMARKS" type="5" size="120" scale="0" /></fields></metadata><data><row num="1" ><NAME>Duty-Bound Dead                                                                 </NAME><SETCODE>M13     </SETCODE><NORMALBUY>1.e-003</NORMALBUY><NORMALSELL>4.e-003</NORMALSELL><FOILBUY>3.e-003</FOILBUY><FOILSELL>1.5e-002</FOILSELL><RARITY>C     </RARITY><CARDNO>92    </CARDNO><NORMALMAX>12</NORMALMAX><NMAXSTOCK>12</NMAXSTOCK><FOILMAX>0</FOILMAX><FMAXSTOCK>0</FMAXSTOCK><NWISHPRIO>20</NWISHPRIO><FWISHPRIO>20</FWISHPRIO><NCATID>45504</NCATID><FCATID>45505</FCATID><NCHECKSUM>3063484788-4270110158                   </NCHECKSUM><FCHECKSUM>3063484788-4041915094                   </FCHECKSUM><REMARKS>Perfect                                                                                                                 </REMARKS></row></data></results>

then i just need to do this 40.000x on a 40.000 return query

$result = stringreplace($result,"<![CDATA[","")
    $result = stringreplace($result,"]]>","")
    $aName = _GetXML($result, "NAME")
    $aSetcode = _GetXML($result, "SETCODE")
    $aRarity = _GetXML($result, "RARITY")
    $aPremium = _GetXML($result, "PREMIUM")
    $aBuy = _GetXML($result, "BUY")
    $aSell = _GetXML($result, "SELL")
    $aStock = _GetXML($result, "STOCK")
    local $alist[$rcount+1][7]
    $alist[0][0] = $rcount
    for $z = 1 to $rcount
        $alist[$z][0] = StringStripWS($aName[$z],3)
        $alist[$z][1] = StringStripWS($aSetcode[$z],3)
        $alist[$z][2] = StringStripWS($aRarity[$z],3)
        $alist[$z][3] = StringStripWS($aPremium[$z],3)
        $alist[$z][4] = nume(StringStripWS($aBuy[$z],3))
        $alist[$z][5] = nume(StringStripWS($aSell[$z],3))
        $alist[$z][6] = StringStripWS($aStock[$z],3)

as above

Such  work i am trying to cut out  -- I do not mind the work but it starts slowing down my program(s)

but I am only interested in my data being returned as .csv but with my own defined seperator ( ; <-- as example)


is this possible?



Is this Possible? I have quite low technical understanding but I am hoping for a savior here

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