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Can you do several things at once?

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Not sure if this is going to come out written quite like what I am thinking..

What I want to do is to search for a computer (as previous thread)

The computer may be of various name and workgroup, so what I am doing is finding the IP address of the machine I'm running the script from which could be 2 different ones as there are 2 network cards in the machine, so I leave the first 3 octets of the IP as is then count through 1 to 255 pinging the address for a responce, if there is a responce I then check for a file that would exist on the desired machine.

Now I need to do this for each network card, so can I lob it in a function and run 2 functions simultaneously? If so how? It takes a while to run through the list of IP's so I figured I could halve the time it would be better.

Any thoughts?



Code so far...

#include <array.au3>
#include <file.au3>

$Computername = @computername
$MyIP1 = @IPAddress1
$MyIP2 = @IPAddress2
$MyIP3 = @IPAddress3
$MyIP4 = @IPAddress4

Dim $aFrontiers = _ArrayCreate ("Frontier", "Frontier1", "EZPC00")

$aOctets = StringSplit($MyIp1, ".")
_FileCreate ( "Ping.txt" )

$IpCount = 0

while $IPCount < 255

$PingResult = Ping($aOctets[1] & "." & $aOctets[2] & "." & $aOctets[3] & "." & $IPCount )
$Path = $aOctets[1] & "." & $aOctets[2] & "." & $aOctets[3] & "." & $IPCount

;Check Ping for reply and see if frontier
If $PingResult = 0 then;do nothing continue pinging
    Else;check if its a frontier
        $IsFrontier = FileExists ( "\\" & $Path & "\D$\Fujifilm\Frontier" )
        if $IsFrontier = 0 then;if not a frontier do nothing and continue
;Now know its a frontier.. what to do with it now?
        _ArrayAdd ( $aFrontiers, $Path )

        MsgBox (0,"",$IsFrontier)

$file = FileOpen("Ping.txt", 1)
FileWriteLine ($file, $aOctets[1] & "." & $aOctets[2] & "." & $aOctets[3] & "." & $IPCount & " : " & $PingResult)
$IPCount = $IPCount + 1

_ArrayDisplay ($aFrontiers,"")
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Thinking about it.. would I be quicker to just check for the file/folder rather than pinging?

not sure, but you can test by timing a non-responding ping and a file check, using timerinit() and timerdiff(), then compare the results.

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