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how many times have you ever worked on a puter and you forgot to bring along a unzipping program. that or the owner of the puter doesn't own one... lol here is s stupid script for ya..

FileInstall ( "pkunzip.exe", @WorkingDir&"\pkunzip.exe",1 )
$i = 0
While $i = 0
    If FileExists(@WorkingDir&"\pkunzip.exe") Then Exitloop

$a = FileOpenDialog ( "Unzip", @WorkingDir, "Zip file (*.zip)",1)
If @error Then timetaleave ()

$b = $a
$c = StringTrimRight($b, 4)
$d = FileGetShortName ($a)
$e = FileGetShortName ($c)
run(@ComSpec&" /c pkunzip.exe -d -o "&$d&" "&$e)
$j = 0
While $j = 0
    If FileExists($e) Then Exitloop
FileDelete (@WorkingDir&"\pkunzip.exe")
Func timetaleave()
FileDelete (@WorkingDir&"\pkunzip.exe")

be sure to grab pkunzip 2.50 version for dos.. that is what this is meant for... this thing does work. next thing to work on is that annoying extract for cab files...

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