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how to use DLLcall with this dll

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Hi to everybody.

I'm using this fantastic program with great satisfaction.

Now I'm trying to use Autoit with a Dll, written by a friend of mine some years ago.

the dll permit to share some datas between programs.

Unlikely I'm not able to use it from Autoit

In vb I use this code

Private Declare Function Save_TS_Data Lib "C:\Programmi\Omega Research\Program\GLOBAL32.DLL" (ByVal l As Long, ByVal D As Single) As Boolean

Private Declare Function Load_TS_Data Lib "C:\Programmi\Omega Research\Program\GLOBAL32.DLL" (ByVal l As Long, ByRef D As Single) As Boolean

Public Function ReadGV(ByVal numroVariabile As Single)

Dim MyVar As Single

Dim flag1 As Boolean

flag1 = Load_TS_Data(numroVariabile, MyVar)

ReadGV = MyVar

End Function

Public Function WriteGV(numroVariabile As Single, valore As Single) As Boolean

Dim flag1w As Boolean

flag1w = Save_TS_Data(numroVariabile, valore)

WriteGV = flag1w

End Function

In another program:

DefineDLLFunc: "global32.dll",BOOL,"Save_TS_Data",LONG,FLOAT;

DefineDLLFunc: "global32.dll",BOOL,"Load_TS_Data",LONG,LPFLOAT;


Load_ts_data(100, &var)

in Autoit I have tried many combination, but I'm not able to write a value in a cell and to read again.

Thank you for any kind of help


Attachments: C:\NoInstall\AutoIt 3.1.1\AutoIt.chm

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Maybe that will help. Maybe it doesnt work because there is no such thing as a float in AutoIt.

Float = 1.2e-38 to 3.4e38

Long = -2,147,483,648 to 2,147,483,647

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