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AutoItX3.dll getting caught in infinite loop and never returning

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Howdy everyone,

New to this forum but excited to be here!

I have been working with AutoItX3 through C# for the better part of the last year, and while I am definitely loving and appreciating it, i have an issue that I'm trying to narrow down at the moment.

I have seen (fairly randomly) my scripts just becoming hung. I at one time had assumed it had to have been any of the many calls to the AutoItX3 dll I am making because I was fairly certain all of my other code was quite sound.

I am now thinking it might have been something else I was doing (writing out to a log file) and not the AutoItX3 calls.

Ok, my question: Has anyone seen any calls to AutoIt ever get caught in an infinite loop and never returning to the main c# execution thread?

If so, I have tried many different ways to interrupt mid AutoItX3 calls but have failed at every turn, is there a way to break out of that low level loop?

Thanks everyone for your time!

Have a great weekend!

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