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More AutoIt weirdness - ProcessList

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This time I am not getting a hard crash, but a difference in opinion of whether data returned is complete or not.

#include <Array.au3>
$lst = ProcessList("explorer.exe")
;MsgBox(0, "", $lst[0])

When this is run, it shows the array just fine, including item 0. Now uncomment the message box and see that it tells me that the array can't be accessed.

"C:Users-----Desktoptest.au3" (3) : ==> Array variable has incorrect number of subscripts or subscript dimension range exceeded.:

MsgBox(0, "", $lst[0])
MsgBox(0, "", ^ ERROR

What is going on here?!

EDIT: For due diligence, I am running Win7 x64, AutoIt Stable, and I have tried this script in 32 and 64 bit modes.

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