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Detect System Tray ToolTip Pop-up

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I am writing a script that will detect when headphones are plugged into/unplugged from my laptop so that I can mute/unmute the master volume when these events occur.  The audio driver provides a tooltip notification in the system tray when a plug/unplug event occurs.  Maddeningly, it does not provide a mechanism to mute/unmute based on this event.

I have used Window Info to get the class and title of the popup tooltip.  However, when I try to use this information in WinExists or WinWaitActive, the window is never found.  I have written a test script using WinList to enumerate all windows and that tooltip never appears in the active window list.

Here is the script I am trying to run for now on my Windows 8 laptop.  The message box never fires.

The other threads I have found regarding this issue make it seem like this should be pretty straightforward.  Anyone have any pointers or advice?

$windowtitle = "[TITLE:You just plugged a device into the audio jack.;CLASS:tooltips_class32]"
$windowtext = ""
   If WinExists($windowtitle, $windowtext) Then
      MsgBox(0,"Unplugged","The headphones were unplugged.")
Until 0 = 1
And here is the Window Info:
Edit: The image is hosted on my Dropbox and  doesn't appear to work inline, but you should be able to open it in a new window/tab.  Sorry.
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