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GUICtrlCreateRadio gets no Value

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Hi @ all,

I've just began to code with AutoIT.

I use the Help-file which you can download for the syntax.

So I wrote:

$set = GUICtrlCreateRadio ("radio1", 50, 75, 200, 20)

$set = GUICtrlCreateRadio ("radio2" , 50,100, 200, 20)

Since now I thought that like this way I can give $set the value of the Control-ID of

the RADIO which I mark in the running Programm. But my Script

don't cares which Radio is marked. It everytime has the value of the second.

If i give handish a value to $set it works.

Please, can somebody help me. ;)

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GUICtrlCreateRadio return and ControlId not the value of the control, so your second statement is overriding the first one and you will not have a way to read the value.

Perhaps you don't care so to read the value of the control you need to use GUICtrlRead as stated in the doc.

Did you read it? :">

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