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Could someone help me with this script please.


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Hi I was looking through some of the code snips available and I cam accross this http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=11313

its the directory copy with recursive.

Now when I run it I get an error which I don't understand because most people say it works great..

the error is

Posted Image

After all of the code from the above post I put a line _CopyDirWithProgress("d:\kiosk\", "d:\kiosk2")

Anyone know whats going wrong..



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certainly this part was accepted on May 10.

but now you have to

Func _FileSearch($sIstr, $bSF = 1)

; $bSF = 1 means looking in subfolders

; $sSF = 0 means looking only in the current folder.

; An array is returned with the full path of all files found. The pos [0]keeps the number of elements.

Local $bSF, $sCriteria, $sBuffer, $iH, $iH2, $sCS, $sCF, $sCF2, $sCP, $sFP, $sOutPut = '', $aNull[1]

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Sorry you've lost me??

I try to have you back.

on May 10 this redefinition of a parameter "$sIstr" as local was accepted. Now it is not.

I don't remeber is the Local was overidding the local definition. I hope not unless the script is no more working.

Just remove it from local and you will see what happening. ;)

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