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GUI Infinitely Tall?


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This has to be something I'm doing wrong, but has anybody else come across an occasional issue where the GUI height becomes, from what I can tell, infinitely tall? The weird thing is, is that usually just removing a commented line will fix it, but it may be that any change to the file "fixes" it. To further complicate things sometimes it will affect one machine and not others, even when on the same OS, (XP).

Please tell me I'm not going crazy. I hope I'm just doing something dumb, like usual. ;)


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considering there is no code snippit to help us reproduce and debug... I think dumb is probably the answer.

There must be a variable involved... We'll need to see the GUICreate() at least.



Here you go:

GUICreate("Action Code Inputter", 225, 620, -1, -1, $WS_MINIMIZEBOX, $WS_EX_TOPMOST)

Like I said, it works fine generally, but I do tweaks to it all the time and occasionally it'll become crazy big in height.



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Yep, occasionally, (it's around 1500 lines right now for the code that interacts with the windows).

Func _Hider()
    If $docked = 0 Then
        WinMove("Action Code Inputter", "", @DesktopWidth-280, 0)
    ElseIf $docked = 1 Then
        WinMove("Action Code Inputter", "", @DesktopWidth-280, -1000)


WinMove("Action Code Inputter", "", @DesktopWidth-280, 0)

Would using the negative coords to hide the GUI window make it prone to this issue? Or could it be something else?

Thanks Larry!


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