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How to detect when Error Popup Window occurs

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Hi folks,

I'm new at this. I have RTFM and written some scripts. The application I am running CAN display a error message when the supplied parameters are inadequate. The business rules are unavailable (it's an insurance illustration application) so there is no way of validating the parameters before submitting them and know if they will be accepted or not. How can I detect if a error message (popup window) has been displayed and react accordingly. Ex:

sex=Male, age=35, Smoker=True, Policy=T10, Coverage=200,000$  --- This is valid (no popup)

sex=Male, age=18, Smoker=False, Policy=T10, Coverage=10,000$   --- This is invalid (popup)



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use Au3 Info (CTRL+F6) to get the information of window and controls to start interact.

You can get the Title of popup and check if it exists each time you click on "send" in application

It's hard to help without having the application

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