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Autoit and PHP,decrypting data

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Hello.I hope that I've chosen right section.Shorty I don't retrieve the same result after decrypting with certain alghoritm & key in Au3 and PHP (output is different) .

Au3 code

#include <Crypt.au3>
$PATH = "0xCA7BD3085A1FFF0CC9EEFEA1728D6F3E"
$Key = "key2xH"
;$Crypted = _Crypt_EncryptData($PATH,$Key,$CALG_RC2) ;RESULT OF THE ENCRYPTION: 0xCA7BD3085A1FFF0CC9EEFEA1728D6F3E
$Decrypted =BinaryToString(_Crypt_DecryptData($PATH,$Key,$CALG_RC2))

;After decrypting - should be returned


php code (I don't know too much php)


$bub_str = mcrypt_decrypt(MCRYPT_RC2, 'key2xH','0xCA7BD3085A1FFF0CC9EEFEA1728D6F3E', MCRYPT_MODE_ECB);
echo ($bub_str);

//Instead of 'secret message' I get it.

//{Ůą.ă˝čänwÓuťPl 9şßĐ
//Ťc \ç2


I would be very grateful for your help :)

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