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Detect firefox popup window

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I'd like to make a home-made popup blocker for my firefox. Usually when popups appear, they have a special kind of window. Let me show it:


On the left side you can make new tabs etc, meanwhile the right one has only one page and looks a little bit different. I'd like to detect such windows and automatically close it.

Of course searching by title isn't a good solution. I tried looking at the Style & exStyle with the au3info, but they are the same. They has the same class too. Anyways I can't individually find smaller classes, like home button, since firefox is a "block".

Have you guys got any idea what could I do? How could I detect it? I'm out of ideas :/

(Please don't tell me to turn of popup blocker of FF, since it's already turned on, but they just bypass it)

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