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Hi everyone,

Is it possible to store in memory the screenshot (and look for a pixel later using GDIPlus) instead of saving it into a file?

Just wondering if it makes sense and/or if it's possible to not store the screenshots into a file, as I will have to remove them later (if it's not possible then I will have to do it this way ofc).


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Yes, but i think you need make the image appears on gui to look for the pixel.. or maybe not (with GDI+).

Return Value

Returns a handle to an HBITMAP if $sFileName is empty.
    If called with $sFileName then the image is saved to the file and nothing is returned.

You can work with the handle. As I am not good with pictures can not tell whether it is possible to locate the pixel without it appear on the screen. But some moderator can answer more accurately

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