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Using the _crypt library

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Hi everyone,

i have a question, can somebody tell me how this code from c# would look like in autoit:

SymmetricAlgorithm crypto = new AesCryptoServiceProvider(); // Verfahren
      crypto.BlockSize = 128; // Blocklänge in Bits 
      crypto.KeySize = 128; // Key Länge in Bits 
      crypto.Key = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes("xxxxxxxx"); // Key im Klartext 
      crypto.Mode = CipherMode.ECB; // Cipher Modus
      crypto.Padding = PaddingMode.ANSIX923; // Padding Modus 

      byte[] src = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(portaldata); // Convert string to byte array 
      using (ICryptoTransform encrypt = crypto.CreateEncryptor()) // encryption
        byte[] dest = encrypt.TransformFinalBlock(src, 0, src.Length); // Convert byte array to Base64 strings
        portaldata = "linkbisher.......&ck_portaldata=" + BitConverter.ToString(dest).Replace("-", "");

i'm not a programer, so this goes way beyond my knowledge in autoit. also i havn't found options for the cyphermode or padding.

one thing i've found is a base64.au3 for converting it to base

hope somebody can help me

greets georg

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