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Automating Installation logging using command line interface

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I have a script automated to install software quietly. It checks for operating systems installed 32 or 64 bit. Then does a little folder shifting, Stops a service and disables it. Then does the install. Finally after this copies over a config file and restarts the new service. 

I was wondering how could I log these steps saying complete but for debugging purposes. I would like to use an array so i can have each function as an completion log.

here is what I have:

1. checks for operating systems installed 32 or 64 bit

2. folder shifting

3. "Stops a service and disables"

4. install software

5. config file copy

6. New Service Restart 

Code that I have so far (to log):

Local $FunctionCount

Local $FunctionComplete[6] = ("checks for operating systems installed 32 or 64 bit", "folder shifting","Stops a service and disables",install software ","config file copy","New Service Restart ")

Run(@Comspec & " /k echo & FunctionComplete[CountError]")

Run(@comspec & " /k echo complete")

so every-time it runs through a function it adds 1. Thus changing which function would be complete and displayed in a command line interface. I would like make this report into 1 interface like a completion status so while the script is running, can see what it is doing. Also is there a way to have the time start and ended to appear on this screen, and completion time?

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