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Noob question: Using variables instead of coordinates

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Hi !

So my question is very simple I believe.. But I haven't found the answer through my google researches.


I'm trying to use a variable instead of coordinates for the function pixelsearch().

here's a example of what I have :

   Local $topleftslotX=1014
   Local $topleftslotY=472
   Local $botrightslotX=1044
   Local $botrightslotY=542

        $SearchResult = PixelSearch($topleftslotX, $topleftslotY, $botrightslotX, $botrightslotY, 0xffffff)

      If not @error Then
       ($MB_SYSTEMMODAL, "", "X and Y are: " & $SearchResult[0] & "," & $SearchResult[1]) 

Sadly it doesn't seem to work. Do you guys know if i'm doing something wrong ? Or is it simply impossible to use variables as arguments ?

Thanks for any help!

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hmm, I must have failed somewhere else then. I'm gonna triple check everything. thanks for your help!

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