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Take control of newly genrated window

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Teamcenter is a PDM product that we use. I need to create testing scripts for regression testing. I can log in using an SSO session and IE, but can't seem to take over the window that opens, Here is my code;

WinWaitActive("Teamcenter Login - Windows Internet Explorer", "", 20)
Send("Username and Password")
WinWaitActive("https://tcweb01p.fnal.gov:7002/?loginPort=51997&tssv=1.3.2 - Teamcenter Security Agent - Windows Internet Explorer","",20)
It works up until I try to make the teamcenter window active. The window header is actually "My Teamcenter - Teamcenter 8". I want to make that window active so that I can run tests. After the last Sleep(5000) the rest of the Autiit script is just to log off of Teamcenter. When I run the script it;
a) runs C:Siemenstc83_4tierportalportal.bat
B) opens an IE window and asks for a Username and Password
c) I send it 
d) The Teamcenter window gets opened, but I can't do anything inside the window or connect to it
Thanks for any and all help,


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