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aving problems with _GUICtrlComboBoxEX_GetList to display proper list

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**Sorry this is posted in to sections because I am not sure which to post it in!! 


I am having problems with getting the _GUICtrlComboBoxEX_GetList to work properly. When the list is generated it contains square boxes within the text.. 

In my script I am trying to verify the printer setting of Adobe acrobat. I open Adobe Acrobat create a new document then use send commands to navigate to the advanced settings of the printer settings. From there I want to verify that setting drop down combobox is set to the appropriate option but currently the list does not come out ok. 

Please see code below ( I would add a picture but not sure how to do this in the this forum) 

 local $sFilePath1 = $TestFileLoc & "TestAcrobat.pdf" ;This file should already exist
 Local $sFileName1 = "TestAcrobat.pdf"
 Local $RetVal
 Local $hTimer = TimerInit() ;Begin the timer and tore the handle in a variable
 LOCAL $aic_oApp = ObjCreate("AcroExch.App")
 If IsObj($aic_oApp) then
     if IsObj($aic_oAVDoc) Then
        if $aic_oAVDoc.Open($sFilePath1, "testacrobat.pdf") Then
                Local $hwind = winwait("[CLASS:AcrobatSDIWindow]","",10)
                WinActivate ( $hwind )
                Local $hWind1  = ControlGetHandle("Advanced Print Setup","","[CLASS:ComboBox;                         INSTANCE:1]")
                $icount = _GUICtrlComboBox_GetCount ( $hWind1 )
                if _GUICtrlComboBox_GetExtendedUI ( $hWind1 ) Then msgbox(0,"","has extended")
               local $arrList = _GUICtrlComboBoxEx_LetList ( $hWind1, 3 )
            end if
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