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I see on forum that xp theme will be avalaible soon with an option of GUICREATE in future release.

Can you say me more about that .


can you point out which post?

I was not me . I have no plan on this and I don't really understand the matter for the time being. ;)

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The post is on Page 3 of Forum about GUI at the end of post and the author is Yosemite from 6th September 2005

1. Always is better to post a link. ;)

2. Wasn't JPM.

In that topic, Holger didn't speak about visual themes, only was an idea to implement icons for menus in AutoIT (like Office XP+ style), which he is elaborating.

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One of my open things... ;)

Maybe I will find time and wish again to make it more 'build-in-able'...

At the moment I have to script a lot at work and thats enough.

So after that I need a brain-break you know :P:mad2:

At first a try to make the menu icons a little bit more simple just like in start menu or Firefox.



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