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Compare Ip To Mask


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This function accepts an IP address and a mask to compare it to and returns either a o if false or a 1 if true. For the mask you can replace octets with an asterisk as a wild card. The function accepts mutltiple wildcards.


CompareIP("","10.0.0.*") = True

CompareIP("","10.0.0.*") = True

CompareIP("","10.*") = True

CompareIP("","*.*.*.2") = False

Func CompareIP($IP, $Mask)
    Local $i

    $IP = StringSplit($IP, ".")
    $Mask = StringSplit($Mask, ".")

    For $i = 1 To ubound($mask) -1
        If $Mask[$i] <> "*" Then
            If int($IP[$i]) <> int($Mask[$i]) Then Return 0
    Return 1
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