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How to add items to windows right click menu ?

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During the day, I frequently use the same sentences.
How can I customize windows right click menu to insert (paste) frequently used text?

An example would be enough and I will write the rest of code.

(In the future I want to make a bank of frequently used text.)

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hello RAMzor, this can be easily done with AutoIt, but there are useful utilities already made for that purpose. google clipboard replacements

also, some may consider it impolite to be such impatient with bumping posts. this is a world-wide forum; it may be the person with the answer you seek is still fast asleep.

Signature - my forum contributions:



LFN - support for long file names (over 260 characters)

InputImpose - impose valid characters in an input control

TimeConvert - convert UTC to/from local time and/or reformat the string representation

AMF - accept multiple files from Windows Explorer context menu

DateDuration -  literal description of the difference between given dates


Touch - set the "modified" timestamp of a file to current time

Show For Files - tray menu to show/hide files extensions, hidden & system files, and selection checkboxes

SPDiff - Single-Pane Text Diff


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