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email with program to run like mstsc

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I have a script that will check my home external IP and send me an email at my work with the information in the body mail.  It already work but I would like to push it a little more with the line $as_Body[2] in hyperlink.  I will be able to click on the hyperlink to connect home.  Here's my script

  #include <Inet.au3>
  #include <MsgBoxConstants.au3>

  Local $sPublicIP = _GetIP()
  Local $s_SmtpServer = "smtp.server.here"
  Local $s_FromName = "ME"
  Local $s_FromAddress = "a@b.com"
  Local $s_ToAddress = "c@d.com"
  Local $s_Subject = "My WAN IP - version 1"

  Local $as_Body[3]
  $as_Body[0] = "Actualy, my home IP is:"
  $as_Body[1] = $sPublicIP
  $as_Body[2] = "mstsc /v:" & $sPublicIP

  Local $Response = _INetSmtpMail($s_SmtpServer, $s_FromName, $s_FromAddress, $s_ToAddress, $s_Subject, $as_Body)

Thanks for any help  :thumbsup:

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hello Propoganda, welcome to AutoIt and to the forum!

to create a hyperlink to a file, prefix the file with the string file://


1. you need to specify the full path to the file

2. this is not AutoIt-specific

3. this was not tested over email (especially MIME), but i believe it would work

b.t.w to post code in the forum, use the code tags (the A button in the toolbar).

EDIT: it should be file:/// (3 slashes) and also slashes instead of backslashes in the full path, like this:


EDIT #2: it works if you open the email in Outlook (or, i guess, any email application which supports it), but not in webmail interface (tested with Yahoo).

Edited by orbs

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Hi orbs,

Thanks for the reply.  It works to open Remote Desktop Program with warnings.  The only thing I have to check is to feed the RDP window with the variable $sPublicIP automatically.

If you have another idea or someone else.


I appreciated  TKS

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